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65% of the worlds population don’t have access to cellular and wireless broadband connectivity. Traditional solutions supplied by a closed group of vendors using expensive hardware are uneconomic for operators to deploy. Lime’s approach based on an open source hardware platform using readily available semiconductors and Lime’s transceiver is becoming the established way forward.

These open source platforms offer unprecedented levels of configurability. They allow system designers to create wireless networking equipment for any mobile or wireless communication standard and provide operators with end to end programmable networks.

Lime is the driving force behind key initiatives to democratise wireless innovation, revolutionise the way that radio access networks are built, bring transparency to spectrum utilisation, and encourage the next generation of wireless engineers.


About Lime

Lime Microsystems specialises in field programmable RF (FPRF) transceivers, SDR solutions, IoT gateways and mobile base stations for the next generation of wireless broadband systems.

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Lime pioneered the creation of the single chip transceiver. Our field-programmable RF (FPRF) transceivers offer unmatched levels of programmability, and support frequency bands and international standards including all global variants of 2G, 3G (CDMA, HSPA), 4G (LTE), IoT (LoRa) and many others.


Software defined, virtualized radio is clearly established as the way forward for the wireless industry offering increased agility, cost savings and the opportunity to scale fast and explore new technologies and models of deployment.


Lime is a leading player behind key initiatives to democratise wireless innovation, revolutionise the way that radio access networks are built and bring transparency to spectrum utilisation. These initiatives are the springboard for transforming the ways for building and deploying communication networks.


Lime has partnered with a number of key organisations that are equally committed to establishing disruptive technology ecosystems.  Together we provide platforms for radically open innovation that enable us to meet the growing demands of a diverse range of wireless communications.

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Lime Micro Partner Gigabyte Unveils Commercial LimeNET CrowdCell Implementation

Having provided the general-purpose processing technology at the heart of the LimeNET CrowdCell, Gigabyte is now going to market with a fully-supported ready-to-deploy implementation of the ultra-low-cost software-defined small-cell system powered by Lime Micro's LMS7002M field-programmable radio-frequency IC technology.
Gigabyte LimeNET CrowdCell

Vodafone’s Santiago Tenorio Named as New Chair of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP)

"The TIP community has had a significant impact on opening up telecom networks to lower costs, increase innovation, and help operators extend the benefits of high quality connectivity to more communities across the world," says Tenorio. "As Chair I will champion continued innovation and the opening up of supplier ecosystems to more competition."
Santiago Tenorio (TIP)

cuSignal and CyberRadio Demonstrate GPU Accelerated SDR

GPUs are increasingly being used in applications outside of graphics and have been popular for some time in both high performance computing (HPC) and machine learning. Thanks to technologies such as the CUDA parallel computing platform from NVIDIA and the Numba high performance Python compiler, the barriers to using GPUs are being lowered all the time, enabling their blistering performance to be harnessed in ever more compute-intensive applications.

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