Ebrahim Bushehri To Present on Opening Up Radio Access Networks at OpenUK Future Leaders’ Training

Lime Microsystems chief executive and MyriadRF founder Ebrahim Bushehri is to give an hour-long presentation on how software-defined radio and commodity compute, combined with open source hardware and software, can open up radio access networks to all.

Lime Microsystems chief executive and founder of the MyriadRF open-source radio frequency initiative Ebrahim Bushehri is to present on the opening up of Radio Access Networks (RANs) using commodity hardware, as part of OpenUK’s Future Leaders’ Training series.

Bushehri’s hour-long presentation is set to examine how to build on top of current open Radio Access Network (open RAN) efforts, going beyond simple interoperability between interfaces to create truly and wholly open RAN solutions based around off-the-shelf commodity compute hardware – opening the field up all.

As the founder of the MyriadRF initiative, Bushehri has been pivotal in the building of a multi-stakeholder community of projects centred around open-hardware software defined radios (SDRs) and the democratisation they offer for the radio ecosystem. As part of that vision Bushehri and Lime Micro have been working on open-source software-defined RAN systems including the LimeNET CrowdCell, which uses commodity compute hardware and open software defined radio hardware to offer an all-in-one quick-deployment platform with extreme flexibility.

Bushehri will talk attendees through how increasing the use of commodity hardware and open software defined radio systems in open RAN will minimise vendor lock-in on specialist hardware and improve the speed at which the world of telecommunications can leverage improvements in technology and the economies of scale available in the world of computing.

As part of the talk, Bushehri will explain how open source software and open hardware will have a key role to play in the open RAN movement, but not exclusively – and how the primary key to its success will be making the first move away from vertically-integrated bespoke platforms.

The talk is scheduled for the 29th of January at 1200 GMT, with more details and a link to register available on the OpenUK website.