Gigabyte Opens Virtual Show, Offers a Forum for LimeNET 5G CrowdCell

Lime Micro partner Gigabyte has published two use-cases for the 5G LimeNET CrowdCell software-defined small-cell system, looking into its impact in the healthcare and live immersive events segments.

The Gigabyte Virtual Show 2020 is now open and offers a look at two key LimeNET 5G CrowdCell use-cases, healthcare and live immersive events – and the opportunity to raise your own questions on how the LimeNET 5G CrowdCell can transform these arenas via a public forum.

Following Gigabyte’s partnership with Lime Microsystems on the Gigabyte LimeNET 5G CrowdCell, an implementation of the LimeSDR-powered CrowdCell small-cell edge network technology developed as part of the Telecom Infra Project, our two companies have joined to offer details on two key use-cases for the technology.

The first, 5G CrowdCell for Healthcare, looks at a health monitoring system which uses the software-defined LimeNET CrowdCell to quickly deploy a low-cost 5G cellular network supporting a massive number of wired and wireless healthcare monitoring devices. The CrowdCell technology is further used to allow for rapid data transmission while maintaining privacy – both key features for a healthcare network.

The second use-case demonstrates how the LimeNET 5G CrowdCell can enhance live immersive events, by offering increased flexibility in its configuration and improved maintainability compared to traditional centralised networking systems alongside a highly integrated layout which sees devices and applications span the network endpoint, edge, and core.

In both cases, Gigabyte is actively seeking input from industry and end-users on key topics: at the bottom of each Gigabyte Virtual Show page are links to a forum where those interested in the LimeNET 5G CrowdCell system can raise questions on topics ranging from personal experiences on virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) on existing 4G and Wi-Fi networks to issues of security in healthcare information sharing systems – and find out how the LimeNET 5G CrowdCell can help.

More information on the LimeNET CrowdCell, meanwhile, can be found on our dedicated product page.