Lime LMS6002D adopted by Eurecom for Express-MIMO-2 baseband platform

Highlighted in EU’s software defined and cognitive radio system roadmap, Acropolis.

Lime Microsystems field programmable RF (FP-RF) transceiver, LMS6002D, has been adopted by Eurecom for its ExpressMIMO2 baseband platform. The low-cost LTE-A compliant (TDD / FDD) board was released earlier this year and combines four Lime Microsystems LMS6002D chips with Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA to allow both MIMO 4×4 and dual band MIMO 2×2.

The Express-MIMO-2 has also been cited in the European Union / Seventh Framework Programme’s radio optimisation roadmap, Acropolis (download pdf). This seeks to establish the key technologies for future software defined and cognitive radio systems.

Philippe Roux, Lime VP of Business development stated: “The Express-Mimo-2 highlights the flexibility of our technology, enabling a truly configurable system that can be quickly setup to run on advanced MIMO wireless communication platforms, as demonstrated by the Acropolis project.”

Lime’s LMS6002D FP-RF transceivers operate on all mobile broadband standards – LTE, HSPA+, CDMA, 2G – including all regional variants; and any wireless communications frequency between 0.3 and 3.8GHz. This includes the regulated, licensed bands and unlicensed / whitespace spectra.

Notes to Editors: * Advanced coexistence technologies for radio optimisation in licensed and unlicensed spectrum (Acropolis)