Lime Microsystems announces RF Quick Start Kit to speed femtocell time to market

Reference design also announced to optimise femtocell RF cost and footprint.

2 September 2010, Guildford, UK: Lime Microsystems has introduced a Quick Start Kit and an optimised reference design for its multi-band multi-standard RF transceiver IC for femtocells, the LMS6002D.

The Quick Start Kit provides a simple way to evaluate and test the LMS6002D while the optimised reference design provides a cost and footprint optimised RF design suitable for femtocell products which can be integrated directly into designs.

“Using our Quick Start Kit, it’s possible to get the LMS6002D evaluation board up and running in record time,” comments Dr. Ebrahim Bushehri, CEO, Lime Microsystems. “The Quick Start Kit will help femtocell designers across the world to take advantage of Lime Microsystems’ unique RF technology which offers unrivalled flexibility, reduced inventory and cost and footprint savings.”

The Quick Start Kit allows designers to very quickly evaluate Lime Microsystems’ RF transceiver, the LMS6002D, by measuring output IF/RF parameters. Software included in the kit allows the transceiver to be configured to operate any standard, frequency or bandwidth within the LMS6002D’s capabilities; the device can operate WiMAX, WCDMA, CDMA2000 and LTE at any frequency between 375MHz and 4GHz (continuous) in 16 user-selectable bandwidths up to 28MHz.

The evaluation board is simply connected to a PC running the software included in the kit via a USB cable. Alternatively, the evaluation board is compatible with, and can be configured by, any of the baseband evaluation kits currently available for the femtocell market, including boards from all major baseband suppliers.

Lime Microsystems has also introduced an RF reference design to accelerate time to market for femtocell product designers and manufacturers. The reference design features the LMS6002D in a cost and footprint optimised circuit and is intended to be dropped directly into designs. The footprint of this optimised RF block is just 30 by 30 mm and it can operate WCDMA band 1/2 and band 5.

Both the Quick Start Kit and the reference design are available now.