Lime Microsystems Launches First ‘Field Report Contest’ to Highlight Community Projects

Users of Lime Microsystems technologies, including the LimeSDR and LimeNET families, are invited to submit brief summaries of their projects and experimentations to highlight the breadth and diversity of the community in Lime's first Field Report Contest.

Lime Microsystems is pleased to announce the first Field Report Contest for users of its field-programmable radio frequency (FPRF) and related products, including the LimeSDR family of open hardware software defined radios (SDRs), as a means of highlighting the diversity of the community ecosystem.

Formally launched this week via the crowdfunding site Crowd Supply, the Lime Field Report Contest calls for users of Lime products to share their creations and experimentations as a short write-up, to be published on the Lime Micro community hub for posterity. Each report comes with a chance of winning a LimeSDR Micro, the latest LimeSDR design and a popular choice among those who don’t need the higher specifications and two-channel full-duplex operation of the larger LimeSDR USB.

Anyone interested in participating in the contest need only write up a few paragraphs, totalling at least 300 words, on their project and send it to us via the Crowd Supply contact system with “Field Report Submission” as the subject line. The best entries will be selected for publication, both here on the Lime Micro website and as community updates on the Crowd Supply campaign pages.

Previous community projects highlighted on the Lime Micro community hub include the BATV Portsdown amateur television transmitter, the Osmocom-Analog 1G cellular base station project, an ultra-low cost NMR spectrometer, and live video transmission via the Es’hail-2 (QO-100) satellite’s amateur transponders.

More information on the contest is available on the Crowd Supply campaign page.