Crowdsourcing an open data resource for spectrum utilisation and wireless infrastructure performance.

Spectrum monitoring technology is not new, but up until now it has largely been the reserve of network operators and wireless regulators, with limited simultaneous geographic coverage due to the high cost of equipment. Furthermore, equipment tends to be application-specific and performing either basic RF measurements, else capable of analyzing one or a small number of wireless systems.

LimeSCAN is built on the award winning, low cost LimeSDR platform and combines this with commodity embedded compute, to create a fully software-defined wireless probe that is integrated with a data platform and web based visualisation. With Lime’s FPRF technology at it’s heart, LimeSCAN devices can be remotely configured at an instant to run different completely scan profiles.

The initial focus is on basic RF measurement and LTE cell analysis. However, this is only the beginning and support for many more systems is planned, along with a guide and examples to support the creation of modules that add support for new systems. LimeSCAN device stack updates will be made painless via containerisation, with the ability to quickly and easily roll back updates.

Note: LimeSCAN is currently a pre-production closed alpha. If you would like to be an alpha tester please get in touch.

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