Lime is a leading player behind key initiatives to democratise wireless innovation, revolutionise the way that radio access networks are built and bring transparency to spectrum utilisation. These initiatives are the springboard for transforming the ways for building and deploying communication networks.

Thanks to its unique combination of high performance, high degree of integration and low cost, Lime’s technology is enabling advances in a number of vitally important areas and making possible that which was previously deemed cost prohibitive, else severely limited in potential due to the higher costs and complexity of existing solutions.


Lime launched Myriad-RF in 2012 as an open source program to make available a range of low cost RF boards, together with their design files, supporting software, associated documentation and collaboration tools.
Myriad-RF Forums


LimeNET extends the unprecedented flexibility and significant cost benefits of software-defined networking to the radio access network (RAN).


Crowdsourcing an open data resource for spectrum utilisation and wireless infrastructure performance.


Inspiring the next generation of wireless engineers.