Lime pioneered the creation of the single chip transceiver. Our field-programmable RF (FPRF) transceivers offer unmatched levels of programmability, and support frequency bands and international standards including all global variants of 2G, 3G (CDMA, HSPA), 4G (LTE), IoT (LoRa) and many others.

Since 2005 Lime has set out to radically change the wireless landscape. Our introduction of single chip fully programmable transceivers shook up the consensus that Software Defined RF components cannot be highly integrated.  In order to make wireless technology available to a much broader range of system designers, we went beyond just providing the semiconductor components to providing open source SDR products.

Our next step was to extend the SDR products by incorporating them into boxed products that can be configured as wireless gateways, base stations and the entire wireless networks.  These products are configured by downloading applications to create innovative designs customized to exact requirements.  This “app enabled” philosophy introduces the white box concept into wireless communications for the first time.

LMS6002D LMS7002M LMS8001+ LMS9000
Radio Spectrum 300 MHz – 3.8 GHz 100 kHz – 3.8 GHz 100 kHz – 12 GHz Up to 100GHz
RF Bandwidth 28 MHz 120 MHz (through analog ports)
60 MHz (through digital interface)
120 MHz >2 GHz
Duplex Full Full and half Full and half Full and half
Sample Rate (ADC/DAC) 40 MSPS 160/640 MSPS 160/640 MSPS TBC
Digital Gates 50K 1M 1M 1M
Integrated MCU No Yes No No
Power consumption (W) 1.5 1 1.5 TBC
Availability Jan 2011 Oct 2014 Sep 2017 To be announced


LMS8001 is a single chip up/down RF frequency shifter with continuous coverage up to 10 GHz.


Lime’s second-generation field programmable RF (FPRF) transceiver IC covers all the way from 100kHz to 3.8GHz, with 2x2MIMO and extended functionality.


Lime Microsystems fully open source solution for PA linearisation based on adaptive digital pre-distortion (ADPD), delivered as FPGA IP and host software.


The LMS6002D is the world’s first field programmable RF (FPRF) transceiver IC and remains the most cost-effective product on the market. The transceiver IC operates from 300MHz to 3.8GHz – on both licensed and unlicensed bands – and can run any standard, making it ideal for wireless communications and broadband applications.

Lime is committed to Open Source.

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