AirWalk Communications, Lime Microsystems Collaborate On Enterprise Femtocell

AirWalk incorporates Lime Microsystems' single-chip transceiver.

RICHARDSON, Texas, March 25, 2010AirWalk Communications, the innovator in IP-based CDMA cellular radio network equipment, and Lime Microsystems have cooperated on the development of a high-performance, low-cost radio solution for AirWalk’s EdgePoint™ PRO enterprise femtocell.

AirWalk is demonstrating the EdgePoint PRO at the CTIA Wireless 2010 conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, at Booth #2130.

Lime Microsystems’ configurable broadband transceiver, the LMS6002, is a powerful integrated single chip transceiver system that provides unparalleled flexibility when applied to the design of femtocell radio subsystems. Support for operation over multiple frequency bands enables the development of dual band femtocells with frequency-agile pilot beacons while reducing band-specific parts count.

The inherent efficiencies provided by the LMS6002 transceiver allow AirWalk to bring the EdgePoint PRO to market in a shorter timeframe with reduced size, lower power consumption, and a considerably smaller footprint compared with conventional transceiver implementations.

By supporting multiple air interface standards, the LMS6002 is also ready to support new configurations, including femtocells incorporating LTE technology. Advanced digital interfaces allow continuous control over transceiver operation while providing security against unauthorized operation, a particular concern for femtocell operators.

The EdgePoint PRO assures mobile phone users secure continuous coverage and mobility in a variety of enterprise settings, regardless of the unit’s proximity to the macro cellular network. This cellular access point plugs directly into an existing broadband connection to extend 3G wireless CDMA services for voice and data. EdgePoint PRO leverages the enterprise’s broadband link for backhaul, which reduces operators’ capital expenditures and maximizes macro network efficiencies.

“We see this collaboration with Lime Microsystems as a key enabler for the EdgePoint PRO, providing the wideband capabilities to allow us to build femtocells in various RF bands at minimal cost while having the flexibility to address the market needs of worldwide operators,” said Serge Pequeux, president and CEO of AirWalk Communications. “The LMS6002 also allows us to develop radios that not only meet, but exceed, 3GPP2 specifications, making the EdgePoint PRO a highly efficient, reliable, and low-cost solution for enterprise wireless needs.”

“Cost and performance are critical in allowing femtocells to live up to their market potential,” said Dr. Ebrahim Bushehri, CEO of Lime Microsystems. “The LMS6002 transceiver helps meet AirWalk’s objective of cost reduction by increasing the level of integration and reducing component count, while maintaining high performance and design flexibility.”

EdgePoint PRO is distinguished for its unrivaled clustering feature that assures soft handoff between multiple units along with an industry-leading hand-in/hand-out capability to the macro network. This unit is available as wall mount or rack mount with simple plug-and-play installation and advanced SIP/IMS interface.

About AirWalk Communications

AirWalk Communications, Inc. is a developer of IP CDMA Radio Access Network (IP-RAN) products that deliver 3G and 4G voice and data platforms with migration to LTE. AirWalk’s products are modular, stackable and increase coverage and capacity. AirWalk delivered the industry’s first base station and base station controller in a single, inexpensive, compact platform. The company’s radio products operate on the global CDMA licensed frequencies and offer operators new sources of revenue. For more information, visit

About Lime Microsystems

Lime Microsystems is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in digitally configurable transceivers for the next generation of wireless broadband systems. Lime has developed broadband transceiver ICs that significantly reduce the bill of materials for small cell (femtocell and picocell) wireless networks. Lime is backed by ACT Venture Capital and DFJ Esprit. Further information is available at