CrowdCell Training and Hackathon Launch — 21/09, La Nave, Madrid, Spain

App-Enabled Wireless from IoT to 5G, 21st September 2018 — La Nave, Madrid, Spain.

App-Enabled Wireless from IoT to 5G


CrowdCell builds upon the groundbreaking LimeSDR software-defined radio (SDR) technology to deliver an app-enabled path from IoT to 5G. The low cost SDR platform is able to support just about any wireless standard, with solutions and a technology roadmap for use from 10MHz up to 100GHz, limited only by the imagination of the software and application developers.

This event will also serve as the launch for an annual hackathon that will enrich the Telecom Infra Project by bringing together industry experts, wireless engineers and software developers, to embark on a collaborative journey to democratised wireless innovation for IoT, 5G and beyond.

What to expect

During the morning we shall set out the ultimate goal for commodity-based, app-enabled SDR in democratising wireless innovation, followed by a brief introduction to the LimeSDR platform and network solutions based on this. Also where to find detailed information on support for low level APIs and frameworks, for those interested in developing air interface (physical layer) solutions.

This will be followed by live demos featuring a diverse set of air interfaces, accompanied by details of where to find out more information, including how to recreate demos using low cost hardware.

Next we will explore the opportunity in greater detail, setting the hackathon scope and presenting a set of clearly defined challenges. This will be followed by the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for a new, highly cost-optimised hardware platform that will make app-enabled wireless deployment at scale possible, where previously this would have been cost-prohibitive.

Who should attend

If you are passionate about revolutionising the way that wireless communications systems are built, and dramatically increasing the pace of innovation, we would love to have you take part — whether you are a communications technology domain expert, software developer or a challenge owner.

Skills and experience

You don’t have to have programming experience, but it obviously helps if you do.

Broadly speaking you should have skills and/or experience in one or more of:

  • Wireless communications
  • Mobile applications
  • “Over The Top” services
  • Software-defined radio
  • Digital signal processing
  • Protocols such as VoIP and SMPP
  • Web programming, e.g. frameworks, APIs etc.


09:00 Welcome (housekeeping and plan for the day).

09:30 Hackathon launch and introduction to the app-enabled CrowdCell: The Path to 5G — Dr Ebrahim Bushehri, CEO, Lime Microsystems.

10:00 Introduction to the LimeSDR IoT Platform. Platform architecture and how it is programmed — Danny Webster, Principle RF Design Engineer, Lime Microsystems.

10:45 Coffee break.

11:00 Demonstrations of various air interfaces.

12:00 Introductory workshop — learn how to program the CrowdCell.

13:45 Crowdfunding campaign announcement.

14:00 Lunch and networking.


La Nave
Calle Cifuentes, 5
5 Calle Cifuentes
28021 Madrid


To register please visit:

Hosted by

The CrowdCell Hackathon is hosted by Vodafone in partnership with Lime Microsystems, and the Myriad-RF open source initiative for democratising wireless innovation.