Lime Microsystems’ Ebrahim Bushehri To Present on CrowdCell at techUK’s Diversifying Telecoms

Lime Micro chief executive to present the LimeNET CrowdCell platform, and its potential to unlock the advantages of open radio access network (open RAN) infrastructure in the UK and beyond, at the virtual event on Tuesday the 20th of October 2020.

Guildford UK, October 15th 2020 – Lime Microsystems’ chief executive officer Ebrahim Bushehri is to present at the techUK Diversifying Telecoms: Options for the UK event on Tuesday the 20th of October 2020, to discuss how the LimeNET CrowdCell can enable a radical diversification of the UK’s radio access network (RAN) infrastructure.

“The Government’s recent decision to remove Huawei from the UK’s 5G networks by 2027 was accompanied by the announcement of a three-pronged approach to diversification,” techUK writes of the virtual event. “This is to ensure that the UK is not left depending solely on the other two major telecoms vendors – Ericsson and Nokia – who can provide products from 2G to 5G.

“The key tenets of the strategy are to encourage current scale telecoms vendors not present in the UK market to enter as well as exploring new technology approaches such as Open RAN. Whilst Open RAN equipment is still sub-1% of global telecoms sales, this approach could allow the break-up of the traditional monolithic telecoms architecture into interoperable sub-systems, with different vendors providing differing parts of the system.

“Not only could this dramatically improve the resilience of the UK’s vendor supply base and spur innovation,” the organisation notes, “it could also open the way for the UK to lead in the development of this global trend.”

Bushehri will be presenting on the LimeNET CrowdCell, an open radio access network (open RAN) plus edge compute platform which is powered by commodity general processing hardware and Lime Micro’s LSM7002M field-programmable radio frequency (FPRF) technology.

Based on technology developed in partnership with Vodafone and via the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), the LimeNET CrowdCell includes the ability to function as a 4G/5G base station or even a complete network-in-a-box, which can be configured for new deployments and network coverage/capacity extension alike. Its plug-and-play design offers rapid and low-cost deployment with an easy route for software-based reconfiguration to support additional services or bands, from voice and data transmission to edge-network processing.

Interested parties can book onto techUK’s Diversifying Telecoms: Options for the UK on the official event website, while more information on the LimeNET CrowdCell is available on our dedicated product page.