Lime Microsystems’ software defined radio platform becomes Crowd Supply’s first million dollar project

Crowdfunding landmark reached in the run-up to LimeNET’s launch.

Lime Microsystems today announced its first crowdfunded software defined radio platform, LimeSDR, has become the first $1 million project on Crowd Supply.

The news comes just three weeks before Lime’s launch of its second wave crowdfund project, LimeNET, which goes live soon.

The LimeNET app-enabled carrier-class SDR base station, and LimeNET Mini small-cell base station variant are capable of supporting virtually any wireless standard – from mobile (UMTS, LTE and GSM and beyond) through IoT standards like LoRa and general standards like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID and digital broadcasting.

Lime CEO, Ebrahim Bushehri said: “Reaching the million dollar landmark shows there is a demand for completely open radio technology. The next crowdfund, LimeNET, takes this concept even further, with complete, app-enabled radio systems that developers can configure to achieve practically any wireless connectivity.”

Joshua Lifton, cofounder and CEO of Crowd Supply said: “As CEO of Crowd Supply, I’m thrilled our first $1M campaign is for a tool as innovative and community-driven as LimeSDR. Thousands of happy backers are already using LimeSDR to build next-generation network applications. These ambitions will be accelerated even further by the upcoming LimeNET campaign.”

Lime has already partnered with Ubuntu to launch app stores for LimeNET and LimeSDR. This allows the community to develop or download and run wireless apps – meaning networks can be configured and customised for any deployment. A large number of developers are currently involved in an effort to create apps for the platform.

Lime’s LimeSDR boards for developers and the standalone LimeNET devices dramatically bring down the cost of wireless systems, enabling carrier-standard technology at a hobbyist price-point.

The LimeNET crowdfund will launch shortly. Those interested can pre-register to receive updates – including pricing and early-bird offers – at the Crowd Supply campaign page:

The LimeNET platforms use Lime’s LMS7002M field programmable RF transceiver to provide continuous coverage between 100 kHz and 3.8 GHz, with a 120 MHz RF bandwidth. The transceiver contains two transmit and two receive chains to enable 2×2 MIMO. The platforms also run an Intel i7-7500U dual-core CPU running at 2.7/3.5 GHz.

For further information on the crowdfunding campaign visit the Crowd Supply page, shortlink: