The LimeNET carrier-grade power amplifier – what you need to know

Provides the necessary hardware to turn your SDR setup into a long range wireless network.

The LimeNET campaign brings together three incredibly powerful, flexible systems that we believe will democratise wireless innovation. In our fourth in a short series of blog posts following the launch of the LimeNET campaign we look at the LimeNET carrier-grade power amplifier for wide area networks. This is designed to work perfectly with the LimeNET Core based on the LimeNET QPCIe 4×4 MIMO board.

Designed to mate perfectly* with LimeNET Core, the LimeNET Amplifier Chassis provides the necessary hardware to turn your SDR setup into a long range wireless network.

LimeNET Power Amplifier

Further information is also available on the Crowd Supply page, which you visit here to back and share this important campaign.

A look inside

  • Chassis
    • Material: thick, monolithic aluminum body
    • Dimensions: 42 x 29 x 25 cm (aluminum body only)
  • Amplifier
    • Set of two (MIMO) 10 W RF output power amplifier + duplexer + antenna
    • Choice of band: 700 MHz, 1.8 GHz, 2.6 GHz, 3.5 GHz

How much is it and when will it be available?

Those backing the campaign before it closed on the 13th July will be able to purchase the power amplifier for $13,199 (a $1,800 discount vs retail price). Thereafter the price will rise to $13,999 until the first batch ships. And $14,999 thereafter.

Estimated first shipment is February 2018.


* While you can use the LimeSDR QPCIe board with other computers, LimeNET Core and, by extension, LimeNET Base Station are the only complete systems we’ve tested and pre-qualified as part of the LimeNET ecosystem. Of course, we encourage developers to integrate LimeSDRs of all flavors into new hardware configurations, but our ability to support and maintain hardware configurations is currently limited to those in the LimeNET family.