Myriad RF launches Zipper, open-source interface board to Altera and Xilinx platforms with free design file databases

Creates wireless development platform for even the most complex of networks.

The open source RF hardware project, Myriad RF has launched the first open-source interface board to connect field programmable RF transceiver systems directly to FPGA boards.

The mezzanine board, called Zipper, is a multi-carrier board with HSMC, FMC and USB connections. It allows the majority of FPRF boards to interface with both Altera and Xilinx development platforms – and enables direct connection with a PC, turning it into the baseband.

The resulting system enables wireless networks of almost any size and complexity to be easily created on any mobile standard or frequency. Zipper was designed in a collaboration between Lime Microsystems and Azio Electronics.

The Zipper board’s design files can be downloaded in KiCad format free of charge. Prebuilt versions of the interface board are available via Myriad’s distribution partners, Azio, DigiKey, Eastel, Richardson and Vitek.

Lime has also released a new version of the control utility for use with the Zipper board, which is supported on both Windows and Linux. The utility allows for the calibration of the LMS6002D transceiver, along with configuration of it and the clock generator and PLL.