New Distributors

All distributors now shipping Lime's low-cost, second generation LMS7002M FPRF.

Lime is pleased to announce partnerships with a range of new distributors.

These strategic alliances strengthen our offering and increase the availability of Lime’s field programmable RF (FPRF) transceivers. All distributors are now shipping low-cost, second generation FPRF – LMS7002M; low power dual transceiver supporting frequencies from 100 kHz to 3,800 MHz and MIMO applications.

As well as existing global distributors and reps Richardson RFPD and Digikey, Azio Electronics (Taiwan), Eastel and Worldshine (Shenzhen, China) and Vitec (Japan), we welcome Interlligent and Tech Cent (Israel), RF Channel (UK) Harvey King, Phoenics and Macnica.

Contact details of all distributors may be found on our products page.