Mobile World Congress 2019

We will be live streaming demos at MWC 2019 and here you can also find details of the products on show..

Live Stream

A live stream will be running at various points throughout MWC.

Products and Demonstrations

LimeNET CrowdCell

LimeNET CrowdCell is fully fledged, open-access small cell network-in-a-box solution. Complete with an integrated LimeSDR card and a dedicated front-end board that covers nearly all LTE bands, this technology uses existing macro 4G networks as backhaul and can be utilised for any network as a service deployment. LimeNET CrowdCell can also provide extended coverage and/or increase capacity of an existing network or accelerate and cost-optimize new network infrastructure developments.

LimeNET Access

LimeNET Access in conjunction with Vodafone CrowdCell radio access products turns devices into cloud servers and makes it possible to access and manage content anywhere, without the need for traditional cloud infrastructure, ensuring reliable and secure access on-platform, at reduced cost.

LimeNET Micro

LimeNET Micro is an app-enabled SDR solution for spectrum scanning, IoT and GSM gateways, based on the LMS7002M RF transceiver. Featuring an RF tuning range from 10MHz to 3.5GHz, covering all bands of interest for NB-IoT. Supports a single TRX and can act as a standalone Network in a Box.

LimeNET Network Extended Coverage (NEC)

Designed both for indoor and outdoor large-area extended coverage, operating in the 2.4GHz band. Built-in high-power PA amplifier and MIMO antenna interfaces can be connected with omnidirectional high-gain antenna, directional panel antenna.

LimeNET Frequency Hopping System (FHS)

SDR solution for frequency hopping systems. Time Division Duplex (TDD) mode or Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) mode optional, LimeNET FHS is highly suitable for the application of asymmetry between uplink and downlink of wireless data transmission network. LimeNET FHS can set the uplink and downlink.


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