Integrated Systems

Pre-qualified systems that integrate LimeSDR hardware and commodity computing platforms.

LimeNET integrated systems build on the field proven LimeSDR platform. They offer an array of qualified hardware solutions by combining the LimeSDR boards with commodity computing platforms and additional components such as power amplifiers and duplexers.

LimeNET systems run Ubuntu Core and can be integrated with both private and public app stores. There is also a reference store featuring applications from Lime and partners that are all certified by Lime.

LimeNET replaces proprietary specialized equipment, software and knowledge, with open source software and commodity hardware. Thereby providing a radical alternative model to the closed wireless network equipment offered by incumbent vendors.

LimeNET CrowdCell

LimeNET CrowdCell is a fully fledged, open-access small cell network-in-a-box solution. Complete with an integrated LimeSDR card and a dedicated front-end board that covers nearly all LTE bands, this technology uses existing macro 4G networks as backhaul and can be utilised for any network as a service deployment.

LimeNET Micro

LimeNET Micro makes deploying wireless networks more accessible than ever before, by extending the LimeNET line of integrated hardware solutions via an ultra-low cost platform that is capable of supporting narrowband systems.

LimeNET Mini

A high-performance mini PC with an integrated and shielded internal LimeSDR USB micro Type-B, U.FL cables, and antennas.

LimeNET Base Station

The LimeNET Base Station integrates a LimeSDR-QPCIe with a powerful 3.5GHz Intel Core i7-6950X host, along with power amplifiers and duplexers, to provide everything you need to set up your own cellular network — all in one compact package.