Inspiring the next generation of wireless engineers.

ScratchRadio was created to provide a gentle, yet hands-on and highly compelling introduction to the basic concepts behind Software-Defined Radio (SDR), using the Scratch visual programming environment on the Raspberry Pi as the development platform. It uses GNU Radio together with the affordable LimeSDR Mini board to provide the underlying radio implementation and, since this is loosely coupled to the ScratchRadio front-end, the same radio implementation could also be adapted to other learner environments.

ScratchRadio utilises the standard GNU Radio package that is available for the Raspberry Pi as part of the official Raspbian Linux distribution, and also uses the Lime Suite software and the GNU Radio LimeSDR module.

For further implementation details please see the Myriad-RF wiki.

Grove Starter Kit


Lime collaborated with Seeed Studio to create a 21-piece starter kit that is designed for use with ScratchRadio, along with rapid prototyping of IoT and home automation applications. This includes:

  • LimeSDR Mini
  • Two antennas optimised for 433/868/915 MHz unlicensed bands
  • GrovePi+
  • acrylic base plate
  • USB extension cable
  • A wide variety of Grove sensors and actuators:
    • Ultrasonic Ranger
    • Temperature & Humidity Sensor
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Rotary Angle Sensor
    • Button
    • Light Sensor v1.2
    • 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer (±1.5 g)
    • Relay
    • Sound Sensor
    • LCD RGB Backlight
    • Buzzer
    • Red LED
    • LED Bar 2.0
    • Touch Sensor
    • Piezo Vibration Sensor

For further details and to order please see the LimeSDR Mini campaign page.

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